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ARB Anchor

ARB frontal protection will provide protection against animal strikes whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights, winches and antennas.


ARB bars are made to maintain maximum functionality, and also to ensure they complement the look of the vehicle.


ARB manufactures a number of different bars from the sleek deluxe and Sahara styles, to the more functional commercial bars, as well as nudge bars for smaller vehicles.


Rhino 4x4 Australia provides some the most unique and innovative vehicle 4x4 accessories available. Their range of products include frontal protection systems, rear protection systems, side protection, side steps and underbody protection.

Rhino 4x4's Evolution Front Replacement Winch Bar can provide your vehicle all the protection and winch capabilities it needs whilst maintaining an imppecable style. Made of 3 and 5 mm steel construction, the revolutionary Rhino 4x4 bar will protect all of your engine vitals.

For more information, please visit their website:

ECB Anchor

East Coast Bullbars are the leading manufacturer of alloy frontal protection products, which are designed and manufactured right here in Australia.


East Coast Bullbars utilise an exclusive blend of hi-tensile alloy, allowing every single bar to maintain maximum strength, whilst adding minimal weight to your vehicle.


The high-tensile alloy bullbars will never rust, which means it consistently maintains the best protection for your vehicle.


For more information about ECB Bullbars, please visit the ECB official website here:

SmartBar Anchor

SmartBar currently supply to Ambulance, Police and Fire services across Australia.


Utilising our advanced design capabilities and the hollow polyethylene construction ofSmartBar’s, the impact is absorbed by the bar and then the obstruction is propelled forward or to the side (dependant on impact position and obstruction). 


With the SmartBar absorbing majority of the impact, the damage to the front end of the vehicle is minimised. The SmartBar itself can compress up to 85% of its width upon impact and return to 95% of its original shape within minutes of the impact.

Queensland Bullbars Anchor
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Queensland Bullbars is a market leader in the design and manufacture of automotive protection equipment.


Our fine team of craftsmen specialise in the design and manufacture of alloy and steel bullbars, sports bars and side steps providing you with the most advanced, modern styling and the assurance of strength and quality.

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