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Autosafe Anchor

Quick and simple to install, finished in high durability satin black powder coat for optimum rear vision and provides a safer working area for occupants barriers to cover the full range of vehicles.

We have a Cargo Barrier to suit almost every make and model of vehicle, if we don’t list one for a certain vehicle we can design and manufacture a Cargo Barrier to suit at short notice. We also specialize in custom Cargo Barriers. We carry a large range of stock for prompt dispatch.


From order to dispatch, our quality control department will make sure your barriers are built to our high quality standards and are looked after with utmost respect. Autosafe Cargo Barriers are manufactured using 19mm square tube and 3mm mesh, which has been tested for quality and safety using a penetration test. Autosafe Cargo Barriers are Tested to comply with AS 4034.1:2

Hayman Reese Anchor

Designed to ensure your safety whilst achieving a minimal and aesthetically pleasing appearance, each Hayman Reese cargo barrier is jam packed with a range of great features.


Some of the features include:

  • Interior trim plugs to cover up unsightly drilling holes for when you decide to remove the unit.

  • Diminishing grid spacing provides the driver with maximum visibility whilst providing extra dense reinforcement in the high impact zone.

  • Dual positioned cargo barriers offer the flexibility of placing the unit where you need it the most.

  • All Cargo Barriers which are installed into a vehicle with no internal opening latch come with an escape mechanism to increase safety and prevent hazards.


Milford Anchor

It's incredible the damage that loose loads can do to the occupants of a vehicle when braking in an emergency or in the event of an accident or roll over. Potentially lethal loads like groceries, work gear, camping or sporting equipment, all can be hurled forward with great force!

Milford Cargo Barriers are designed and tested to protect you, your family and your employees from potential disaster even in the most demanding driving conditions. Insist on Milford - otherwise the odds are stacked against you and your family.

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