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ARB Anchor

When your vehicle’s caught in a torrential downpour on a steep mountain track, stuck in knee deep mud or bogged in an isolated desert in sweltering temperatures, the reliability, performance and durability of your recovery gear is paramount.


ARB’s vehicle recovery accessories are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making them ideal for recreational use as well as competition.


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BUshranger Anchor

Bushranger Auto Gear offers a comprehensive range of accessory products which are innovative and practical; adding to the function, safety and convenience of your vehicle. They will also help to protect your vehicle's exterior and interior while giving it a touch of personality.

For over 25 years, they have been producing quality products for owners of 4WD’s & Utes and the Bushranger name stands out as one of the market’s true leaders. The recognisable thing in common with all Bushranger products is their obvious quality, which is backed by a written no-fuss warranty for up to 5 years.

Just Straps Anchor

Just Straps began in 1995 with a vision to be one of Australia’s best manufacturer’s of Quality Webbing Load Restraint Systems. Our range consists of straps and accessories for 4WD, Marine, Jet Ski, Trucking, Tradesmen and Motor cycles.


Just Straps has an extensive range that is constantly increasing, with new products being frequently added. 


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MAXTRAX was designed with strength and ease-of-use in mind. It’s the safe, simple, quick, easy, effective and inexpensive method of vehicle recovery.


Just wedge MAXTRAX firmly against your tyre tread, jump into your vehicle and gently accelerate. Once your tyre tread grips MAXTRAX, your vehicle recovers and you’re on your way! It’s that easy!


They can be used for a wide variety of applications, from rescuing your bogged vehicle from the mud or sand, to towing heavy loads such as boats.

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