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Brown Davis long range fuel tanks  are designed to give maximum fuel capacity without affecting ground clearance, ramp over or departure angle, whilst being exceptionally strong to withstand the most rigorous of conditions. Also, with a Brown Davis long range fuel tank you can travel to the most remote parts of the globe where the standard tank wouldn’t take you.


All Brown Davis long range and auxiliary fuel tanks are constructed from 2mm aluminium coated cold rolled steel, to ensure maximum strength and durability. This gauge of steel is sufficiently resistant to impact damage that additional tank guards aren't necessary.

Brown Davis Anchor
The Long Ranger Anchor

The Long Ranger prides ourselves on setting the standard.


Our Long Range Fuel and Water Tanks are designed with the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing processes. Using 2mm Aluminised Steel (14 Gauge) as the material of choice for our fuel tanks, all of our products are individually designed and tailored to suit each vehicle incorporating features such as internal baffling, anti surge dam, in-built expansion chamber and fully sealed brackets.

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